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About us

We are leading providers of quality, professional advisers on every aspect of diet and nutrition. We believe in changing mind-sets and lifestyle for everybody regardless of their medical conditions, age, weight and previous history of attempts.

We change your body type with doable diets that enhance and boost your metabolism and give your life a new direction. Our client stories, transformations and feedback are a testimonial to our work that’s done wonders for every single one has been able to achieve great heights of fitness with us.

Our Expertise

Weight Loss Fat Loss Lean Muscle Gain Metabolism Booster Strength Building Immunity Building Diabetes Type 2 Obesity PCOD/PCOS Hypothyroidism Low HB Hyperacidity Insomnia Depression Epilepsy Auto-Immune Disease Eating Disorder Gastro-Intestinal Disorder

Our Services

Diet Counselling Exercise Counselling IF / EF Counselling Motivational Sessions Group Counselling Workshops Webinars Healing Courses Ground Support Remote Support Online Support

Meet The Team :

Amit Sakpal
Co-Founder of Food Revolution, Amit Sakpal has carved a niche in the fitness industry with his unique venture and effortfully acquired skill sets. He is a certified Sports Nutritionist from K Eleven Academy of Nutrition and Fitness Science which is affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation and Pearson Assured. Having transformed over 2000 people across the globe in a short span of time, he has created quite a mark for himself in the health and wellness industry. He plans to heal people who are diseased through his healing workshops and community wellness learning so that he can eradicate prescription dependancy completely. A Robotics Engineer and an MBA in IT in the initial phase of his life, Amit has been a trainer, mentor, motivational speaker to engineering students and aspirants across countries. Fitness being his true calling, he co-founded this organisation in December 2015.

Anchal Dutta
Co-Founder of Food Revolution, Anchal Dutta is a certified Sports Nutritionist from K Eleven Academy of Nutrition and Fitness Science which is affiliated with the National Skill Development Corporation and Pearson Assured. The brain child of Food Revolution, she has been the core reason behind the venture. Having received an honours in Literature, Anchal was always been keen on doing something that would make a difference in the world. Anchal has a work experience of over 13 years in different industries which is why she has been able to head Food Revolution in the direction that it is in today. Her thought behind Food Revolution was having a very holistic approach towards people’s welfare and to empower everybody especially women, with the knowledge of food and exercise science. Her focus and plan in the future will also be towards, children’s health and nutrition, to educate more schools, parents and teachers about the importance of correct diet and harms about the abusive non foods we feed our child on a daily basis.